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    What is the structure of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns

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    Structural requirements for outdoor lighting lamps:
    1 outdoor lighting structure should ensure the mechanical structure and electrical connection is firm, production and manufacturing feasible, easy to use and safe installation. The normal use of protective and reliable, easy maintenance feasible.
    2. The outdoor lighting fixtures insulated wire channel shall be of adequate size, no rough bulges, sharp corners and bends. All electrical outlets should be smooth and rounded edges or suitable bushing.
    3 the spare parts of the outdoor light fitting shall choose the corrosion-resistant material or the protective layer which is coated with the corrosion..
    4 the rubber and plastic parts of the outdoor light fixtures should be able to withstand the low temperature, the sun exposure and the high temperature produced by the normal use of the outdoor light lamps.
    5 the insulation material used in outdoor lighting lamps should have the moisture resistance, and can withstand the high temperature of the outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns for a long time. And not significantly reduce its mechanical properties and dielectric strength of insulation.


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